5 Popular Gemstones Utilized in Fashion Jewelry Making


Fashion jewelry has grown in popularity as an alternative to more costly fine jewelry. First as a liberating symbol from the constrains imposed by culturally correct standards, fashion jewelry is nowadays utilized by mainstream actors and personalities as well as women who prefer to use jewelry that speak to their individualism.

The gemstones found in fashion jewelry make this type of accessories very interesting. These gemstones are relatively translucent colored stones usually cut as cabochons, but there are also found as plain or faceted beads, chips and rondelle beads just to name a few. The natural colors and patterns found in these so-called “semi-precious” stones add a refreshing perspective to the more traditional clear gemstones found in fine jewelry. The endless patters generated when cutting and polishing these Opal gemstones create unique pieces of jewelry that are intriguing to the eye.

Gemstones found in fashion jewelry today are valued accordingly to a variety of factors. Their intrinsic beauty, rarity, perceived healing powers or otherwise mystical properties, as well as their public reception and acceptance all play their respective roles when determining the value of a gemstone.

The most popular of these stones in use today are:

    • Turquoise has been a prized ornamental stone for thousands of years. This greenish, usually opaque stone can be polished to a smooth waxy luster, with its most valuable color being a light sky-blue hue. The value of natural turquoise is increasing as natural deposits become increasingly scarce, also provoking the introduction of enhanced, treated or imitation turquoise into the market. A healing stone par excellence, it is also said that turquoise can offer protection to its owner.
    • Agate is a type of quartz crystal that grows in layers creating colorful bands. There are many types of agate stones named using the place they come from and/or their formation type. A special type of agate is black agate, also known as onyx, presents a robust composition that can acquire a high shine when polished, which creates a great contrast with a light-colored precious metal such as silver. Agate is relatively inexpensive and easily available, often believed to have balancing and healing powers.
    • Amethyst is the most famous type of quartz gemstone. This translucent gemstone usually comes in a variety of violet tones, and it looks superb when faceted. According ancient Greek myths, amethyst could prevent one from becoming intoxicated but was also used as a protection token by many other cultures.
    • Garnet is very easy to work with, a brilliant gemstone whose characteristic reddish-brown is its most popular color. It is said this stone can endow its owner with the courage and energy necessary to overcome even the most seemingly impossible obstacles.
    • Peridot is only found in the color green thanks to its iron content. More specifically, peridot is the gemstone quality of the mineral olivine, which is scarce. It is believed that peridot has the ability to calm a troubled mind.

The wide variety of stones utilized to enhance the appearance of fashion jewelry carry a meaning associated with them which the future owner can match to fit their specific tastes or needs. The vast number of patterns, colors, textures and meanings as well as its costs will all be decisive factors when you want to shop for your next or very first piece of gemstone silver jewelry.



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