5 Simple Tips to Select the Best Coffee Beans


If you are passionate about your coffee and expect a lot from your mug or cup, you should know how to choose the best coffee beans and grind them yourself to have the best coffee experience.

As a lover of coffee you have probably found the right blend or bean that exactly suits your taste. However there are many of us who have yet to experience the ultimate coffee experience. Grinding your own beans means that the coffee bean will be in peak condition as long as it has been kept in an airtight container. There is no comparison between the instant coffee you get on supermarket shelves and the coffee you get from freshly ground beans.

  1. Find a gourmet coffee shop that specializes in selling coffee beans (and perhaps also tea, as many gourmet coffee shops also deal in speciality teas). Such shops have the most delightful smell of roasted and freshly ground coffee and the sales people will help you select the best beans. They will even give you samples in the form of a demi-tasse of coffee so that you can discover the different flavours for yourself.
  2. Look carefully at the beans and don’t even think about buying any that are not whole. As soon as coffee is in contact with the atmosphere it begins to lose its qualities. You need to buy perfect beans.
  3. Trust your sense of smell. Good coffee beans have an aroma that will hit your nose, and overwhelm you with their fragrance. Such beans are in perfect condition, and will give you the best coffee in your cup or mug. The best coffee beans will look and smell good and appeal to your senses.
  4. Don’t just but 100% Arabica coffee, because although it has the reputation of being the best coffee in the world, it might not be the best coffee for you. For example if you have never tried Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans then perhaps you should. Coffee beans or cherries from Java can be equally interesting and both these types of coffee are completely different to the taste of Arabica which most people are familiar with.
  5. Ask the salesperson to tell you about the different coffee beans they have on offer and ask to try some. Listen to what the salesperson tells you as they can wax lyrical about the flavour and qualities of each type of bean and will be able to explain the different roasting techniques and discuss how these change the flavour of the coffee the bean will produce. If you prefer mild coffees then say so, and if your preference is for a strong hit of caffeine with a full flavour, tell the salesperson so that they don’t waste time telling you about coffees that really aren’t to your taste. However be guided by your senses, rather than the sales spiel.


You can have the coffee beans ground for you, or you can grind them at home. If you don’t have your own grinder you are missing out on the best coffee experience as coffee loses its intensity when it is ground. If you invest in a grinder and a good coffee-making machine, these will enhance your coffee experience after you have selected the best coffee beans for you.


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