Banksy Canvas Prints – Who is Banksy?


A Banksy canvas print makes a superb decorative addition to any space, either in the home or workplace. The canvas print industry has evolved in the last ten years and it is now possible to purchase a canvas print of a chosen image to match the decor of the space that you care to put it in. Size is no difficulty either, since many companies can accommodate requests for large banksy canvas sizes.

So who is this Banksy character then? The answer to this question is that nobody really knows, although the UK tabloid The Daily Mail have claimed to “out” him.

It is undisputed that Banksy is from the Bristol area. According to the Daily Mail, he is from a place called Yate which is a small town just a few miles north of Bristol. The housing boom in the 80’s and 90’s and rapid expansion of new housing developments in Bristol has effectively “merged” Yate as part of Bristol. The Daily Mail claimed that Banksy’s actual name is Robin Banks. That’s a great name in itself and you could even be forgiven that this “real” name is made up!

There can be no doubt that Banksy is from Bristol as most of his urban graffiti works began in Bristol and are sprinkled around the city. In fact, if you took a short tour around the city centre you would probably catch sight of at least half a dozen works of “art” in areas such as Stokes Croft, Park Row and Park Street to name but a few.

Banksy’s work has taken him around the UK and abroad. Many of his “famous” pieces are in London and there are other works attributed to him much further afield.

Quite apart from the mystery of “who is Banksy?”, another mystery remains, namely, “how has Banksy never been spotted?”. It is generally understood that he has a very loyal team working for him which serves to keep him in secret. It is quite feasible that Banksy’s “works” are actually created by a team of people working together, or on the other hand, different individuals at different sites. The individual “Banksy” may not even exist at all. Nobody really knows, but as with all “mysteries” the actual truth would blow apart the myth and the hype would evaporate. People are fascinated by the “unexplained” and it is perhaps better it stays that way.

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