A violin is an instrument made from natural materials, and even when produced in a factory, the important parts are manually produced by craftsmen, and so each is slightly different from the next. Selecting a single instrument from among all the rest may be a very difficult task.
The first important thing is to find a shop or studio that you can trust. These shops have musical instrument experts that can give you useful advice when selecting an instrument. If you know a professional violinist or someone who is knowledge about this instrument, having them with you when you select an instrument is reassuring.

The silent violin was created to provide the same feeling as a traditional french violin when played, but with the smallest possible volume. The fingerboard, neck, strings, bridge and other parts are identical, and the overall size is the same. Violin bows can be used to play the instrument as well. In other words, the parts that are touched by the hands are exactly the same as those on an acoustic violin.
People who want to start playing the violin but hesitate to buy an acoustic instrument should consider the silent violin. Compared to an acoustic violin, the silent violin produces a sound with less effort, and it can be practiced even at night without bothering others. Once you become accustomed to the silent violin, you can still consider buying an acoustic violin. Families who already own an acoustic violin can use a silent violin for practicing.

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