Choosing The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses looks great on the face! It’s not just a fashion accessory, but has many health benefits too.

Benefits of Protecting the Eye

We all know that the ultra violet rays of the sun are harmful for the eyes and can lead to various problems. Take for example the graying of the pupil and teary, painful eyes which are caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. On the other hand there are certain conditions that may lead to redness and swelling of eyes.

To prevent such problems from arising, you need to wear a proper pair of sunglasses when you’re out in dry, hot climate. You can buy clubmaster sunglasses online or go to a rectangle sunglasses sale.

When you go out to buy sunglasses, keep the following points in mind:

1) When trying the sunglasses, keep them on for a few minutes. Try to imagine how they would feel when you wear them for a prolonged duration.

2) Ensure that there is no pressure behind the ears. Pressure can be caused by poorly fit glasses and after extended use they can cause headaches.

3) Make sure that the sunglasses do not slip off your nose. Choose a sunglass with a bridge design that fits your nose.

4) It is advisable to buy sunglasses made from flexible material. For example nylon frames may break on bending.

5) Choose frames that are not made of porous material so that they do not react with skin and cause irritation. Most frames are made of porous material that picks up bacteria and viruses which may later cause skin problems.

6) Be careful not to buy bulky and heavy frames. Choose frames that are lightweight so that they are comfortable and can worn for the duration of the whole day.

7) Choose lenses that are made of high quality optical material. Usually high quality optical material is scratch resistant and lightweight.

8) Since sunglasses are primarily meant to protect the eyes, buy sunglasses that have UV protection injected in the lens. Most sunglasses have UV protection that rubs off and exposes the eyes to harmful ultra violet rays.

9) Yellow, rose and blue tints distort the color of objects. It always advisable to buy grey-green tints or brown tints that enables a user to see true colors of the objects.

You must have realized that buying a pair of sunglasses is not a straight forward endeavor. It needs time and careful selection. It’s better to carefully examine sunglasses before buying them than to waste money and repent later.

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