Discover the Little Known Secret to Sell Your House Fast!


In today’s property market there are many ways of selling your house. Two of the most popular including selling via an Estate Agent, Selling and Selling via a Property Buying company. The first is the most traditional but also take the longest amount of time and also requires the most amount of effort, however, if you need to sell house fast then selling via a Property Buying Company is the fastest and most reliable option.

Below we take a look at each option and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Selling Your House via an Estate Agent

Selling via an Estate Agent is the most traditional method that we all know to sell a house. hunting property for sale in missouri via an Estate Agent is loved by many as it is a straightforward way of handing over the management of your sale to someone else.

The advantages of using an Estate Agent are:

* Marketing of your property to a wide audience in order to generate interest

* Management your potential buyers arranging viewings on your behalf and facilitating the


* They understand the selling and buying process and can provide you with advice.

The disadvantages of using an Estate Agent are:

* You will typically be required to pay in fees anything between 1 – 2+ % of your sale price to

the agent for finding you a buyer.

* They are not always 100% focused on selling your particular property if they have a lot of

properties on their books

* Selling via an Estate agent is not guaranteed if they cannot find a buyer, there will be no


* Selling via an Estate Agent is one of slowest ways to sell a house and can typically take anything from 4 months upwards to achieve a sale.

Selling Your House via Property Buying Company

Selling your house via a Property Buying company is the little known secret that many people are using to sell house fast in today’s market. The there are many advantages of using this method however the main one is that they specialise in purchasing properties fast and you will not need to go through the pain, stress and delay of waiting on the open market.

The advantages of using a Property Buying Company are:

* They specialise in purchasing properties fast and are the quickest way to sell house fast in

today’s market.

* Once they agree to purchase your house your sale is usually guaranteed and you know you

have sold.

* Your sale process will be fully managed on both sides and they can also offer you advice on

your situation taking the stress away from you.

* You will not be charged any selling fees for selling your property as any fees are paid for by

the purchasing company.


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