Don’t Get Ripped Off! – How to Get the Best Rental Car Promotions and Coupons and Save


Smart and Informed Rental Car users know that there are certain steps that you need to take in order to get the best promotions, codes, and coupons for Rental Cars. The following article will give you some valuable tips on getting the best deals and discounts in order to save money on Rental Cars. Why throw away money when Rental Car companies are ready to give you many promotions and deals…Spend the money you save on the fun things while on your vacation…

Rental Car Insurance?

One of the biggest misunderstood and money making profit sources for the best rental cars companies or agent is when you are asked: “Do you want Insurance?” This one question usually traps the first time car rental user because they don’t tell you whether or not this is required unless you ask. And because personal auto insurance is required by law, a lot of new auto renters feel they have to add this or risk driving without insurance. However, If you have insurance on your personal vehicle, you are more than likely already covered by your current auto insurance. So this is a very good example of being “double covered”. Say no to this fee, unless you don’t have insurance on your personal vehicle.

Hunt for the Best Promotion

The first thing to do in your hunt for a good promotion is to find between three and five businesses that rent cars. Take your time, because it is not a race, so look carefully and try not to miss any out. Some Rental Car companies advertise online exclusively to promote their best deals. You can always get a better deal online and pre-registering your vehicle rather than waiting to try to get a deal at the rental car companies’ office.

Register Your Car Rental Online

It is always a good idea to check out if the car rental agency is running any special deals online before you ever phone as you could save yourself quite a few dollars. It’s common knowledge that renting online will save you more money than phoning in or registering at the office. One point worth checking when you contact the rent a vehicle office is whether they are have any arrangements with airlines or hotels where a further promotion may be available. So be sure and ask for any new promotions when you contact a representative.

Be Aware

Pickup and collection rules vary between rent a car businesses, therefore, be sure and choose the one that best suits your circumstances and meets your needs at the time.

Rent the Vehicle You Need

A point to remember is the type of auto you actually need. Try to stick with the size that you need and don’t be upgraded if you don’t have to, unless it is for free of course. But go ahead and ask for a “free upgrade”. Rent a Car companies are always promoting Free Rental Car Upgrades.

Rental companies can be very good at adding on “extras” just when you thought you had a good deal, one of which is the “reservation fee” for the vehicle of your choice. If any fees are added, ask them what they are for, and if it is necessary. Take the time to ask what the fees and extras are that you are being charged with.

If you are looking purely to save dollars then you need to follow some of these pieces of advice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Some people swear by asking what no-cost upgrades are available when they get to the rent a vehicle office first thing in the morning. You see when you go to the rental office first thing in the morning, most of the economy vehicles are still awaiting return so there is a strong possibility you will get a free upgrade.

Often considerable rent a vehicle discounts are available online as more businesses compete there so it may be worth checking there first. Sometimes the company will arrange to find a vehicle at your own price where you just give them your budget and they’ll find the best promotion for you, plus you won’t have to go anywhere to get a rental.

When you return your car, make sure the tank is full as you don’t want to pay the fuel surcharge if the rental company has to fill it up.

Look and Ask For Promotions with Airlines and Hotels

Look for promotions like fly-drive-stay or fly-drive, these will get you great discounts on rentals, and what’s more you won’t have to worry about other details like a hotel or an airline, and everything will be taken care of. You can find these promotions with most travel agencies.

Many rent a vehicle agencies will give a promotion if you exchange your frequent flyer promotion with them. You will have to judge whether this is a worthwhile proposition which will depend a great promotion on how much time you have left on your discount.

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