Five Great Tips to Ensure a Successful iPod Battery Replacement


Almost everyone by now knows that the battery inside every Apple iPod has a finite life.

Apple Computer will not leave you totally hanging – for 59 they will grudgingly accept your iPod and, after a few weeks, will send you a refurbished one back. Nevertheless, most people are not willing to give up the iPod that they have grown to love in exchange for a used one with an unknown history, so they rightly choose to replace the battery in their sell ipod touch 6th generation by themselves.

This can be a very affordable and feasible option for most people – with decent do-it-yourself battery replacement kits selling in the 20 to 40 range. And in most cases, the 3rd-party battery that you install will give you much greater playtime than the original, stock battery that came inside your iPod – a big plus.

Find a vendor that not only sells iPod batteries, but can also provide you with good tools, great instructions, and even better support. Avoid eBay fly-by-nights and hokey websites that sell cheap batteries and offer zero support. Installing a battery in your iPod is not the same thing as popping a new battery in your TV remote control, so do not proceed without the right tools and guidance in case you get in a jam.

Make sure that you get the right battery for your iPod model. iPod batteries physically vary in size and are not compatible between models (a battery for 4th Generation iPod will not fit, for example, inside an iPod mini). When shopping online, pay close attention to the color of the iPod being shown, the location of the navigation buttons, and the color of the ScrollWheel.

Before you grab a tool to change the battery in your iPod, find a clean, bright working space that is located in a non-carpeted area. You are going to be working with small connections and touching electrical components, and you will want to minimize chances of static electricity zapping your player.

This might seem basic, but read the directions that come with your battery replacement kit all the way through before proceeding. You are going to be in a hurry so that you can play music on your iPod once again, but rushing through the battery replacement process is ill advised. Take you time; look at every picture and read every word on the page – if you are unclear about any point, contact your vendor immediately for clarification before starting.

Plan to perform the iPod battery replacement process in one fell swoop. Do not start the project and stop halfway through. This not only increases the likelihood that you will skip a step, but may also cause unintended consequences. The iPod mini battery replacement process, for example, requires that you remove the two white top and bottom end caps. These end caps have adhesive underneath, and leaving these exposed for more than 20 minutes could cause the glue to dry out and prevent the end caps from sticking back in place.

Moreover, once you have connected the new battery, do not rush to close everything back up. Just like a mountain climber that has just reached the top of the peak – you are really just halfway done. Take your time and do not force any of the parts back together.

Once you have successfully installed your new iPod battery, you will be back to hours and hours of uninterrupted playtime once again.

iPod battery replacement seller is by far the category leader here, offering robust batteries, effective tools, detailed instructions with color photographs, and even customer support should you have any questions that aren’t already addressed in their written and online documentation.


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