Google Chrome Crash Fix – How To Stop The Crashing For Good


Google Chrome is one of the most advanced Internet Browsers, which is available to anyone for free. The highly sophisticated technology that allows the user to improve their Internet browsing experience is what attracts a lot people to this browser. However it does not come without its fair share of errors of problems due to it being such a highly sophisticated piece of technology.

Errors and problems that people have reported are very similar in the fact that they have all experienced the same symptoms when using Chrome. Some of the problems that people Edwin Urrutia have faced when browsing with Google Chrome are things such as random freezing and crashing, redirecting them to other websites, Google Chrome closing automatically.

Due to our research that has been carried out on this matter we have been able to produce a tutorial that explains to you how to stop Google Chrome from crashing for good. Firstly you should do is restart your computer as the computer might have encountered a slight glitch, which is causing things to go wrong. After that you should then re-install the Google Chrome application. This will give the computer fresh, new files that it should be able to read. To re-install Chrome Click “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs”Locate “Google Chrome” Click UNINSTALL next to it When the application loads, select “REMOVE” (not repair)Follow the uninstall process Restart your PC.

Next you should then remove any add-ons or plugins. Even though they are designed to make your Internet browsing experience even better, they make things even harder for the computer to process all the information. To remove any add-ons and plugins follow these steps: Open up Chrome. In the address bar type chrome://extensions. Click Uninstall, or Click Disable if you think you may use the add-on in the future. Restart your browser.

Finally it is highly recommended that you perform a complete registry scan of your computer. Doing this will allow the scan to detect and locate any impurities that could be causing your system to lag. Located inside the registry are important files needed for the computer to function properly, also located inside the registry are Chrome files and the scan will be able to detect whether any of these files are damaged or corrupt that are causing the problems that are experiencing.



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