How to Use Airbrush Makeup (And Look Absolutely Beautiful!)


Who doesn’t want to look like a Hollywood star? If you think their skin is unblemished and perfect and seems impossible for you to achieve, then you are wrong. You can get that picture perfect look on your face too.

To achieve flawless skin, you have to mix a small quantity of foundation makeup with a few water drops and then spray it on the face utilizing a wand. This absolutely covers your entire face. In this way, you would be utilizing less makeup to achieve flawless skin. This would also help you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

The tools you need for Airbrush-Application are Airbrush makeup, an airbrush-wand which is also called a pen, makeup-foundation, water and a hose which is a connection between the compressor and the wand.

If you are using this for the first time, you will get all these tools as a kit. Once you have the kit with you, all you would want is foundation. Your primary investment for flawless skin would cost from 120 to 600 dollars or more. After this you would have to purchase just the foundation for twenty dollars. There are certain organizations which manufacture small sized compressors which are convenient for traveling as well as home-use.

The Application procedure
First you have to place some drops of foundation and water in the particular cup given to you. (Each company will give you an instruction manual specifying the number of drops)

You must spray this mixture gently in circular motion, on your neck and face; holding the wand about six to ten inches away from your face. Always keep the wand moving and do not let the product fall in your eyes.

Lastly, leave it dry. If necessary, you can go for a second coating. Once this dries out, you are close to getting flawless skin. You do not need to do anything else after this.

Foundation to be purchased
There are mainly two kinds of foundations you can get in airbrush makeup. One is the water based and the other is silicone based. Most experts’ advice the silicone and say it gives a better look when compared to the water based. It is mandatory to purchase the particular airbrush-makeup that comes with the kit. You cannot utilize the standard foundation in this machinery.

Organizations that are cruelty free
The best thing about this is, most of the airbrush organizations are non animal examined foundations. Some of the more popular brands are Dinair makeup, Luminess and OCC.

Eye makeup and blush
You can also purchase eye-shadow blush which is airbrush ready. For this you would need another nozzle on your wand. You can also utilize the usual eye-makeup and powdered blush after the basic foundation dries out.

Positive side of using an airbrush
1. If you do air brush, you will have flawless skin for the next ten or twenty hours. Normally this will last for sixteen hours without disappearing into the skin pores.
2. You can share your makeup without a second thought because the system is hygienic as it does not touch the skin surface.
3. There is certain special equipment and foundations that can be utilized on your legs to cover the discoloration.
4. Application of stencil-tattoos is easy.

The negative side of using an airbrush
1. It is costly initially.
2. The procedure consumes some time and requires power supply, water source and the equipment requires enough space.
3. You must make sure you close your eyes while working on the face, which is difficult if you are doing it all by yourself.
4. Because it is bulky, you cannot carry it with you all the time.
5. Using too much of airbrush for flawless skin is not advisable, because some of the product might enter your lungs.

In spite of the disadvantages, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to obtain flawless skin using airbrush makeup. It is also said that this makeup even hides the wrinkles in your skin. To make your skin faultless, try it out.


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