Geranium oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the plant Geranium. Though there are 422 different species of this plant, only 10 of them could yield practically extractable levels of the oil. It has strong antibacterial and anti fungal properties making it a good skin care product. It could be used to bring relief from acne, eczema, dermatitis and a variety of skin conditions. It is even possible to use as a medication for weeping wounds. There are some good anti inflammatory properties and homeostatic properties that could stop bleeding as well. It has been used traditionally as a skin care product and as a remedy for tumors and wounds. Presently, you have the possibility of using this high quality skin care product that could help you have a healthy skin and beautiful skin. Wholesale Essential Oils could be used by diluting it with your career oil.

Origin and preparation of Geranium oil

Geranium the plant from which the oil is extracted, has originally found in South Africa, Madagascar, Egypt and Morocco. Later it has been brought to European countries of Italy, France and Spain in the 17th century. Afterwards the extraction of oil has been started in France. Steam distillation is the best process to produce this essential oil which is clear oil that has a green tint.

Properties and medicinal uses of Geranium oil

Geranium oil has uplifting and sedative properties that could act on one’s nervous system. It is also able to stimulate adrenal cortex and help the secretion of enzymes that could do the balancing act to bring about relief from emotional mood changes. It is also known to bring about relief to those who suffer from menopausal and PMS discomfort. Geranium is well-known for its ability to help some women who suffer from fluid retention. It brings about this by enhancing the production of estrogen. Also, it could be massaged into breasts to prevent mastitis. While it helps balancing hormones in order to bring about balance in feelings, it is also able to do the balancing on skin between dry and oily skins. It is able to control sebum production to bring about this effect. Geranium oil is also used as a repellant for mosquitoes and lice.

How to use Geranium oil

One advantage with geranium oil is that it mixes well with most career oils. Therefore, the possibility is there to apply it on the skin after dilution with your career oil. Also, it could be included in any cream or lotion to make it an important ingredient of such products. Since it also mixes well with many other essential oils, it could be blended into these lotions and skin care products easily. You could mix one tea spoonful of geranium oil with one ounce of your favorite career oil, mix it and apply on your breasts in order to seek relief from sore and swollen breasts during PMS. Also, you could use it as a remedy for eczema. One thing you need to be careful is to find if you are allergic to it first. It is known that geranium oil could be used to get rid of intestinal parasites. Also, it is used as a treatment for infectious diseases. There are many other ways to use this essential oil as a medication and also as a beauty care product.

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