Learning to Play Violin? 10 of the Best Articles You May Have Missed


When learning any type of new skill, the more information and different perspectives you can glean, the better. This is especially true when learning to play the violin. For centuries, new violin students have embarked on the same path, and their previous experiences—tricks, tips, and advice—can often help you navigate your own road and provide important information about avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

Fortunately, students today have access to a wealth of information that wasn’t as readily available 20 or 30 years ago. With internet technology, you can learn from experts all over the world and connect with violinists at every skill level. These ten articles cover a variety of topics, and each one contains information that can help you build your resolve and your aptitude for playing the violin.

“My Advice for Learning the Violin: Beginners,” by Taylor Davis.

This article is chock full of practical, first-hand information that any mirecourt violin can appreciate and use. Taylor Davis offers her tips and ideas to make practicing and learning to play more enjoyable and less stressful, and she talks about the items that you’ll need to get started. Moreover, she provides a list of great reference books and resources that will help you achieve the best results from your efforts.

“Things You’ll Need to Know learning the Violin,” blog by Artist Works.

Artist Works is a video exchange website that offer all sorts of educational and useful content on a variety of artistic subjects. This article covers issues that not many people know or understand when they are learning to play violin. Common sense topics are covered with honesty and forthright encouragement that will not only help ground you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, it will also help give you a good perspective about your progress.

“The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned from Playing the Violin,” by Noa Kageyama, Ph.D. on the Creativity Post.

This article examines different practicing styles to outline the most effective forms. Dr. Kageyama explores how deliberate practice methods as opposed to “mindless” ones have a significant impact on the ability and proficiency that you’ll be able to reach. Her information is key for any new students and will help make learning the violin much easier.

“How to Play the Violin” by Get-Tuned.com.

This is a basic overview of terms, playing position, and beginner tips for students learning to play the violin, but one of the great features of this article is that the site includes free tuners for a number of stringed instruments including the violin. There’s nothing to download, so anytime you need to check your pitch, you just need internet access.

“List of Easy Things to Improve Your Violin Playing” posted by Suzuki Violin School of Santa Barbra.

A very effective article, this list of improvement techniques will help you hone the fundamental skills you’re learning at this stage and help you develop effective practice procedures.

“A Conversation with Violinist Chee-Yun. The Exuberant Professional,” All Things Strings.

Interviewer Robert Moon posts his conversation with Violinist Chee-Yun in this great article. Although the interview is fairly dated (2000), this is a wonderful Q&A for any aspiring musician to read.

“How Much Money Does a Violinist in an Orchestra Make?” posted by the Houston Chronicle.

The answer to this title question may surprise you. In this article, the Houston Chronicle examines the average salary of an orchestra violinist, covering the major symphonies in the United States. It also factors in off-season gigs and other income generated by professionals. This article is certainly worth reading if your goals include a professional career playing the violin, and Music School Central has another like it that offers more recent figures.

”The Top Ten Best Violin Concertos of All Time” posted by the Culture Club.

This article compiles truly one of the best examples of violin form, all in one convenient spot. YouTube links allow you to immediately listen to some of the best performances available and it’s a great way for beginning students to really see the range, beauty, and possibilities of the violin.

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