Magazine Article Writing – Uncover 6 Amazing Secrets to Energize Your Magazine Article Writing


Even though your articles are published on the Internet, it’s helpful to get published in other media. There is no substitute for notoriety. The more people know your byline, the more people will read your material. If possible, find magazines associated with your niche industry. Getting published in an industry magazine reinforces your credibility within your niche.

Getting noticed in any media vehicle, including magazines, lets your niche know of your offerings in yet another venue. In this article, read about ways to get published in magazines. Keep reading to uncover 6 amazing secrets to energize your magazine articles writing.

1. Before you can get an article published in any magazine, you must know what the magazine guidelines are. Contact the magazine and ask for them to send you guidelines. Review them before you begin to write an article.

2. Only contact magazines that accept freelance manuscripts and are relevant to your niche. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

3. To understand which topics are most appealing to the magazine’s target audience, get back copies of the magazine and read them.

4. When possible, learn the likes, dislikes and special interests of the editors of the departments within the niche relevant magazine. You’ll write articles that apply to the needs of those departments.

5. Submit a query letter to the editor describing the article you wish to submit.

6. As appropriate, write according to the language used for that magazine. If it’s a technical magazine, write using technical lingo. For general public, write using language understood by an 8th grader.


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