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How to Fix your broken Sony PlayStation 2/PS2 Game System

So do you fit into this catergory? You go and buy a PS2/Playstation 2 because its an awesome system and it play some cool games, such as Guitar Hero….etc. After spending about 130 you figure that a system like this isn’t going to tear up considering Sony made it and the price you paid. Well, after about a month or two of playing it you can notice some glitches while you are playing games and all of the sudden it quits working.

So here are your options…..1) Go and get a new for 130 (if you’re rich I suppose this is a good option) 2) Call ps5 game support and stay on the phone for 2 hours talking to someone you can barely understand (this is good for someone who has time and patience) 3) Find a place that repairs PS2 and pay a lot of money getting it repaired and lose valuable playing time (again you need to be rich, have lots of time, and patience)

So if you are like every other human being on this earth…..your money is tight, your time is limited, and your patience are thin. This scenario I have just described is very similar to what happened to me and my PS2. I had these three options and all of them stunk! So one day while I was surfing eBay for a new/used PS2 (hoping I would get a good deal) I came across this auction. This auction was selling a guide on how to fix your PS2 guide yourself. At first, I was very skeptical because I figured that in order to fix a complicated machine like that you had to be some computer wiz. So I pondered on the auction and decided what the heck it is only $2.99, the guy has great feedback,and you get it instantly through instant download (technology is great). So I purchased it and figured well if it works I saved a lot of money and time.

And guess what… it did work! I guess you already figured that out though because I wouldn’t be on here writing an article if it didn’t. Seriously, though if your PS2 is not working don’t waste money and time buying a new one or getting it repaired when you can do it yourself.



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