Raising the American Flag


One of the world’s most iconic symbols is the American flag. In the United States of America, it is mostly seen in both commercial and residential dwellings. It is also a favorite theme for clothes, accessories, car decals and the like. All over the word, in public discourse, it is also used in reference to the US of A and its government, laws, and ideologies.

The flag of America consists of three main colors–that of red, white and blue. The alternating red and white colors go to the 13 horizontal stripes which represent the colonies of America that fought against the British monarchy and in turn became the Union’s primary states. In the flag’s canton is a blue rectangle which features 50 five-pointed stars that symbolize the 50 states of America. Because of its design, the black American flag has earned the nickname of Stars and Stripes, and Star-Spangled Banner, among others.

One of this country’s customs is to raise the flag year-round in most public places such as schools, parks, and government buildings, but it is also common to find flags proudly showcased in private residences in the US. There are also national holidays in which the American flag takes center stage, namely Veterans Day, Presidents’ Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day, in which small flags are placed on war memorials and on war veterans’ burial grounds. During Memorial Day, the flag is also flown in half staff in memoriam of those who sacrificed their lives in behalf of this country.

Fourth of July: Bunting can be done best on 4th of July holiday. This is the day, when people will be all the more interested in hoisting the national flag or decorating their house with American tricolor unlike other days. Flag bunting decoration will be something unique and different from what others have done in their homes. The flag bunting can be displayed on porches, windows, parade floats, fences or anywhere.

When troops return: Bunting can also be used when troops return from war or service. Bunting can be displayed around telephone poles or on residential homes or windows. The bunting can be used for decorating an armory or another place with American flags of white, red and blue decorations.

Other American Holidays: Buntings can be done for displaying on other American holidays. It can be Memorial Day, Labor Day or Armistice Day. You can celebrate these holidays and flag bunting can help you with celebration. It can be used for table decoration, hang from balcony or can be used for boat decoration during boat parade.


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