Real Estate Marketing and Text Messaging


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When you become a realtor in the real estate business success is directly related to buyer and seller attraction. Utilization of text messaging for real estate marketing purposes is just another way to provide immediate information to your clients.

Text messaging has become a common method of communication. Incorporating text messaging into your real estate marketing plan is simply keeping up with the various modes of communication.

Some have considered this an extra for the real estate marketer but this writer believes it is really an expected method of client communication especially with the younger generation of home buyers.

Joining the ranks of those clients who use Texting Service for Business clients could allow you to become the realtor of choice for this client group using test messaging as a daily mode of communication.

The power of text message marketing could become a realtor dream come true, when the client sends the realtor a text message of the property code they are interested in. The realtor can then respond within an instant a text message back with the basic property information.

Text messaging can give your business an advantage. The buyer who drives by a property wants some additional information in a hurry may not make a call but because you offer text messaging will send a text. You send the information they need and after reviewing it, you could get a call or text to set up an appointment.

Your ability to include text messaging as a part of your marketing plan should be included on all of your marketing materials just as your URL should be included in all your marketing materials.

Contact your carrier or tech provider to identify the most cost effective and most efficient plan for text messaging. There are numerous plans available to choose from that range from basic to the more advanced plans and systems. The more advanced systems will actually manage your test messages for you where the more basic systems will require more of your intervention. See what is available and choose the plan and system that works for your needs and budget. Be careful to consider the more basic system may cost less but if it takes more of your time it might not end up being that much of a cost savings.

Your goal as a realtor should be to make yourself available to your client in the easiest way possible to become a realtor that is accessible beyond that of the competition.



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