Ways You Can Use Residential Partitions in Your Home Or Loft


If you love the idea of using residential partitions in your home, you are probably already aware of how versatile and easy they can be. However, there is a huge difference between wanting to use them and how to use them so that you get the best advantage and the largest change to your home’s interior. Once you know how you can utilize movable walls or partitions it becomes much easier to select products that meet your needs and give you the look that you are trying to achieve.

One thing that you will notice is that partitions tend to come in two different basic varieties. The first are movable walls or partitions that are built in by means of a track system. These will often have very different uses than folding walls or screens will. By learning more about each of them you will get a better idea of how to use each to their best advantage.

Permanent Partitions Or Screens

These permanent partitions or screens are often used in a loft or a condo in order to folding partition off an open concept floor plan. They may be used to give added privacy to a sleeping area or they may be used as a replacement for conventional closet doors when trying to hide shelving or other storage areas. Often these are quite large and may be fairly expensive. You can find these kinds of partitions with mirrored glass inserts as well as traditional Japanese style sliding walls. If you are in a loft or condo, you may need large partitions that can cover the distance to a ceiling that is very high.

If you are interested in these kinds of partitions, you may need to look for custom models since you may have a space that is unusually tall or wide to enclose. If you are looking for a more affordable option to enclose an abnormally large space, you may want to consider using multiple sliding screens instead of one very large one.

Movable Screens and Partitions

If you are trying to separate two commonly used living areas in your home, folding screens that are lighter and more movable may be of interest. They can be brought out when you want to add definition to an open concept interior with a modern or contemporary feel to it. If you select folding screens they can simply be folded up and put away when you need more floor space, such as when you are entertaining. Then, because they are designed as folding screens, they can be packed up and stored away until you once again want to delineate different living areas in your home’s interior.

If you are shopping for folding screens, make sure that they are stable and will stand up well. Often you can find floor stands that will give folding screens more stability. Two way hinges are also a great feature to look for because they allow more flexibility and will let you arrange your screen in a wider range of positions. Portable partitions can be great for people who rent instead of owning because there is less installation required.

Where Can I Find These Kinds Of Partitions?

Whether you want permanent or temporary partitions, going online can be a great first step. You will be able to find a much wider selection of products than conventional retailers will be able to offer. Online sources may also be able to offer wholesale prices, something which conventional retailers cannot compete with. If you have done your research and have decided what needs you will have to address, it will not take a lot of effort to find suitable screens to select from.

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