Butt Toning Sneakers: Do They Really Do As Promised?


Butt, Butt, I Paid A Lot For Those Sneakers.

As well look for a way to tone up our bodies as we work, walk and do our daily activities. Toning sneakers may seen to be the perfect fit. The manufacturers claim that these curved sole vintage sneakers will burn more calories, tone muscles, boost metabolism, reduce cellulite that will all add up to a great looking “End Result.” Seems to be the answer as we go about our busy day. Wonderful! We have one less thing to worry about, or do we? Do they really make walking a better workout?

So the question was asked and the answer was given. (ACE) The American Council on Exercise a non-profit organization for fitness and heath, that run certification programs for exercise and fitness professionals often conduct research on consumer, fitness, nutrition and health products. Made a call to the University of Wisconsin’s exercise and health program. The research team focused on three top major brand toning sneakers and one top brand standard running sneaker to compare.

There’s good news and bad news.

The researcher recruited a group of 24 physically active women, 19 to 24 years of age. Had them walk on treadmills in five minute intervals in different inclines and speeds. As the women walked, the researchers checked calories burned, heart rate and oxygen consumption, plus checked the participants level of difficulty.

The bad news.

They found that despite all of the manufacturer’s claims, the toning sneakers showed no significant gain over the standard running sneaker. The researchers stated “We saw absolutely nothing!” Plus the participants also stated that they didn’t feel any difference when they had on the fitness shoes. So the bad news is that we will have to go back to the old conventional way to create those buns of steel.

The good news.

Walking is just that walking and you don’t need to pay top dollar for a pair of funny shaped sneakers to do that job for you. Just remember a good pair of well fitted comfortable shoes are important. So if you’re in the routine of walking with your toning sneakers and those sneakers are getting ugly and worn. Just go out and buy yourself a pair of regular running sneakers, stick to your routine and with the money you save buy yourself some fruit and water and walk yourself to better health.

Just remember that you don’t need special clothes or fancy equipment and gadgets to get in and stay in shape all you need is desire, commitment and action. Then you will be well on your way to great healthy lifestyle.


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