Finding a Reputable Commercial Cleaning Service


Every business requires a person to vacuum the rug, clean the bathroom, and take out the trash every single day. Commercial cleaning service providers can do the job for you. These companies can do the clean and maintain facilities for any type of business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is when you need professional cleaning, commercial cleaners are just a phone call away.

Cleaning firms come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your requirements and specific needs, you can either take advantage of the Indoor Cleaning Services in Sydney offered by “mom and pop” shops or choose to go with national chains. The most important consideration is to choose a firm that is licensed and insured. This will protect your property from damage and theft.

To give you a better idea to the commercial cleaning services you can get, we have outlined the services into “basic” and “special” sections.

Basic Commercial Cleaning Services

This mainly encompasses janitorial duties. Basic commercial cleaning is ideal for businesses with less than 25 employees. Ideally, you can get someone to take out the trash 2-3 times a week. Businesses can also pay for occasional vacuuming. For larger organizations, it may be a better idea to get daily cleaning. Basic janitorial services include the following:

• Disposing trash

• Mopping and vacuuming walkways

• Cleaning the interior windows

• Sweeping

• Dusting the desktops

• Maintaining bathrooms

Commercial cleaning companies can provide services to almost any type of facility. But there are exceptions especially when it is related to healthcare. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities need to get a cleaning company that provides specific training to its staff (such as disposing of biohazard wastes, etc).

Special Commercial Cleaning Services

Aside from the basic cleaning services mentioned above, commercial cleaners can also conduct special tasks which are usually more labor intensive. Depending on the type of service you ask for, the task may take several days. Below are the special services you can expect:

• Cleaning the exterior windows

• Pressure washing for the building

• Grouting floor tiles

• Dusting the ceiling

• Extracting carpets

• Cleaning the parking lot

• Maintaining the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning equipment of the facility

• Q-Tip cleaning (making sure that every crevice of your facility is cleaned)

If you are interested in special cleaning services, it is important to book in advance. It should also be noted that a number of cleaners require their clients to sign a long-term contract before performing these labor-intensive tasks. If you merely want a one-time deal, then it may take longer to find a firm that is willing to do the job. Expect to pay more as well.

There are a lot of commercial cleaning services that are competing for your business. You will have your choice of small and local organizations as well as national chains. Both have pros and cons. Small firms tend to offer a more personalized service. However, they are limited in terms of equipments and may not be able to offer larger services.

On the other hand, large cleaning companies have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to do the job. Because of their technologically advanced equipments, it takes less time to clean your facility. Most nationwide chains are also equipped to deal with specialized concerns. The downside is that they also tend to charge more.


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