Ginger Oil Uses in Alternative Medicine


Ginger Oil is extracted from a culinary herb highly used in Asia, especially Indian cooking but the essential oil is having great values and it is known for high valued therapeutic grade essential oils. It is highly used to treat stomach problems, ache of tires muscles and improving blood circulation.

The Ginger Oil smells very strong, earthy and spicy. As it already being used in curries and other edible things, so the internal use of this oil cannot be avoided. It is safe oil and not cause any kind of allergies, but sometimes it cause photosensitivity. Only more than 4 time’s diluted version can be used internally. It should be diluted in water, rise milk or soya milk.

These days Ginger Oil is highly used in scrubs and massage oils. For making the massage oil using a therapeutic grade Ginger oil, one should dilute it into olive oil or any other vegetable oil like Grape Seed Oil. It is highly useful in treatment of arthritis, eases minor aches and joint pains and makes you feel warmer; in result you will feel highly circulated and refreshed.

This warming property of Ginger Oil makes it more wonderful and useful for treating and soothing yet invigorating bath. For treating cold and sore throat, one can put few drops into water and take gargle to feel relaxed. It can ease your throat pain and fever.

Ginger Oil is highly useful in nausea, indigestion and sea sickness and stomach disorders. Easting ginger is prescribed for the patients of morning sickness. One should take this ginger oil after getting prescription from his/her doctor. It should not be recommended for infants or small kids.

The oil possesses the antiseptic property that is very effective to abolish the germs and bacteria from the parts of your body. You can apply this oil directly on your open wound and it stops the bleeding also. Davana oil heels the cuts and severe bruises also. Davana oil can be used as cosmetic products where it facilitates to remove the stains, dark circles and acne from your face. It also has great benefits in removing stretch marks from pregnant women. The oil is the best medicine for lungs that helps to improve your respiratory system and it helps to release you from chronic congestions and other respiratory illnesses.

Grapefruit oil is pale yellow in color that has many great properties of anti-oxidant, diuretic, anti-depressant and lymphatic. It has sweet smell that is formulated from herbs, flowers, plants, and vegetables. The benefit of grapefruit oil is that it is very useful increasing immunity. It is highly rich in Vitamin C that protects your skin from environmental pollution and due to having anti-oxidant component it is highly effective and useful for fighting against the aging skin and it is the best uses for cells, muscles, eyes and ears. As the oil has diuretic agent that helps to remove toxins from your body. Such as uric acid, sodium, fats, etc. Grapefruit oil has also an advantage to control your high blood pressure and keep your heart healthy as well as the oil improves your digestion and also cures your gastric troubles. Grapefruit oil works as hair tonic that keeps your long strong and healthy and also helps to promote hair growth.


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