Hot Air Ballooning on Holiday


What better way is there to see one of the UK’s most beautiful cities than from above by a hot air balloon. From the air you can marvel at the amazing architecture of the city as it spreads out below you, it will also give you a view and perspective that very few people will ever get to see.

Not only are napa ballon rides rides a great way to explore Bath they are also a perfect romantic moment during any holiday. What better way to spoil your loved one than with a memorable trip high above the city and picturesque countryside. With most balloon rides taking place in the early morning or in the evening you can choose whether to enjoy a romantic sunrise or an equally romantic sunset.

As hot air balloons have no method of steering other than going up and down the balloon direction is dependent on the wind meaning no two balloon rides are ever the same. As a result all rides vary in length, though the usual journey time is an hour, and your journey will end in a completely different location. In a one hour flight you can end up 10 miles from your starting position, don’t worry though the recovery vehicles which follow each flight will see you safely returned to your starting point.. The height the balloon will reach varies between 500 and 3000 feet depending on the weather conditions at the time.

Ballooning is a safe activity and you should be fine with any professional balloon ride operators as many are certificated by the Civil Aviation Authority, though it is advised that pregnant women do not fly. People of all ages can fly in a balloon, though this is dependent on the individual operators and many will stipulate that children 16 and under are accompanied by an adult.


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