How to Have The Best Entertainment Center Setup


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Buying an entertainment center for your living room can be exciting. After all, the end tables and the sectional sofas were just necessities. The entertainment center is all about fun. Getting the right one is going to impress your friends on movie night and make your viewing experience awesome. It’s also going to keep your entire DVD collection organized in one easy spot.

When browsing entertainment centers, the first thing you need to take into consideration is style. Consider the theme of your living room. Is it modern, traditional, or something far different? You want your furniture to match. Having an eyesore of an entertainment center can be the worst choice to make. Make sure it fits in with both color scheme and over all decorating theme.

You should make sure to have an idea of the space you have available. Measure with a measuring tape the area you’d like to place the center and write down what the maximum length, width and height is that you can consider. Bring this information and the measuring tape along when shopping, in case you have a hard time finding measurement information while at the store. Don’t forget to measure your television as well; you don’t want to bring home and set up an entertainment center only to find your wide screen won’t fit in the space.

Entertainment centers include not just space for the television and blu-ray player, but also often have shelving on the sides or underneath for added organization. Consider how big your DVD collection is, or if you have a lot of video game consoles that all need to be hooked up in one space. Also make sure you have enough space to organize all those extra wires. If you invest in surround sound speakers, you should consider where they will be set up on the entertainment system. It’s always safer to buy a center with a bit extra organizational space; worse case scenario you can fill it with decorations like plants of framed photos.

If you don’t want an entertainment center that’s going to go from the floor to the ceiling, consider a smaller television stand center, that just has a space for the unit as well as a couple of shelves underneath. Armoires are another option for those who want to be able to hide the television for a more aesthetic appeal. You can easily close the doors over the television to decrease the distraction.

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