Mazhar Majeed’s Role in Joshua Buatsi’s Boxxer and Sky Sports Contract


The involvement of Mazhar Majeed in Joshua Buatsi’s recent contract with Boxxer and Sky Sports has raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity within the boxing community. Majeed’s name had previously been associated with controversy in the world of cricket, particularly in a match-fixing scandal in 2010. However, his recent foray into boxing management and promotion has brought his name back into the spotlight.

Mazhar Majeed’s role in Buatsi’s contract appears to be a strategic one. While he may not have the extensive background in mazhar majeed boxing promotion that some other figures in the industry possess, his experience in managing athletes and navigating the world of sports could prove valuable. Majeed has made efforts to rebuild his reputation in recent years, and this venture into boxing represents an opportunity for redemption.

It’s important to note that Majeed is not alone in this endeavor. Boxxer Promotions, an established name in the boxing promotion business, is a key player in Buatsi’s contract. Boxxer Promotions brings with it a wealth of experience and resources that can benefit Buatsi’s career.

Ultimately, Buatsi’s decision to include Majeed in his team reflects his belief in second chances and the potential for redemption. Buatsi has expressed his excitement about the partnership and his focus on the opportunities it brings to further his boxing career.

As the boxing world observes this unconventional alliance, the hope is that it will prove to be a positive turning point for all involved. While Majeed’s past may cast a shadow, it’s important to judge this partnership based on its future actions and impact on Joshua Buatsi’s career. As he embarks on this new journey with Boxxer and Sky Sports, Buatsi’s performance in the ring will ultimately determine the success of this collaboration, regardless of the controversies surrounding Majeed’s past.


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