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If you are looking for a digital camera with precision, quality and style, Olympus is probably what you are looking for. Olympus digital cameras have earned a top rank together with other leading digital camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony. This is because cameras from this brand not only have good performance and features, they are also stylish and user-friendly, two aspects that consumers also highly value.

One of the most popular lines from this brand is the FE series, which fits cutting-edge technology into slim, stylish and easy-to-use pieces of cameras. These cameras are ideal for everyone-whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer.

FE-5010 belongs to this powerful bunch. This camera is quite small and can easily fit into your pocket. But as they say, big things come in small sizes and this little camera has advanced features that will amaze you.

For one, it has dual image stabilization that allows you to take razor-sharp photos, 5x optical zoom larger than most digital cameras nft from other brands, intelligent auto, advanced face detection, and smile shot.

The Stylus series is another series from this brand that is worth mentioning. Just like with the FE series, you also get power-packed performance and stylish design with cameras from this line. Advanced point-and-shoot technology housed in chic and sleek camera bodies.

One of the best choices from the stylus line is the Stylus 9000, which has a staggering 10x optical zoom with 28mm wide-angle lens that will certainly amaze you. This stylish, pocket-size camera enables you to take remarkable shots especially impressive panoramas with its wide angle 28mm lens and advanced technology like the dual image stabilization, intelligent auto, face detection with shadow adjustment, and in-camera panorama.

The SP series, meanwhile, houses a range of digital cameras with supreme optics and ultra zoom technology. The SP-590 with its whooping 26x optical zoom is said to be one of the longest lens in the world on a digital camera. This a camera that has all the impressive Olympus features such as dual image stabilization, advanced face detection, pre-capture, and high-speed sequential shooting which is something that you would want to use outdoors for travel and sports photography.

Now when it comes to rough and tough adventures, the Stylus Tough series is your best bet! This line of Olympus shock and waterproof cameras are manufactured to survive even the most extremely rough conditions. These cameras live up to their name, they are both tough and stylish, hence Stylus Tough.

If you were an adventurer like a diver or a mountain climber, you would definitely love Olympus for creating Stylus Tough-8000, a practically indestructible camera that produces vivid photographs with stunning colors and remarkable quality.

Its shockproof and crushproof metal body is designed to survive up to 6.6-foot drop and 220 pounds of pressure that it may be subjected to without you having to worry about the safety of your photographs inside.

It is also a waterproof camera that you can bring with you to as deep as 33 feet underwater, and is designed to perform in below freezing temperatures. All of these plus the ever-reliable dual image stabilization make this camera the best choice for an ultimate adventure journey.

In addition to Olympus’ lines of powerful compact point-and-shoot digital cameras, it also has the E-System series of Digital SLRs with state-of-the-art features that will help you get on top the digital photography arena. Models like E-620 and E-30 are best-sellers.

While it is true that Olympus cameras are durable (some are even almost invincible), it does not mean that they will never experience a breakdown. Of course, this can be avoided by taking precious care of Olympus digital camera partssuch as lens, viewfinder, LCD display, and so on. If a malfunction does occur, bring your camera to an Olympus digital camera repairprofessional immediately to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Many people can attest to the wondrous capabilities of Olympus digital cameras. While not every single camera in this brand is the best on the market, you can be sure that you can get high quality, user-friendliness, and amazing results from every camera that bears the name of Olympus.



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